Tenth Women

Women Connecting to Women

Tenth Women focuses on developing meaningful relationships with one another to strengthen Tenth’s community and outreach. We desire to deepen our love for Jesus and others through prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.

We connect with one another in order to strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ. Applying the Word of God in our every day lives encourages spiritual growth and enables us to exhibit Christ's love through our lives. Regular Bible studies at home and church enable us to discern God's will for us. Though we don't do it perfectly, we emphasize caring for our neighbors and fellowshipping with one another as practical ways we can live out the gospel together.

As a group we also like to have fun, be creative, and socialize. Come meet us! Like our Facebook page for updates and information. Share your heart with us. Jesus connects us all and welcomes us into joyful, eternal relationship with him.