Media & Technology

As our Byzantine architecture reminds us of God's faithfulness through the past, new technologies help teach new audiences of God's faithfulness in the present and future. At Tenth, we are always looking for innovative tools that make us more effective ministers of the gospel in Philadelphia and beyond. 

We have over 3,000 sermons and articles available in our resource library, and our recent services are available in full on the livestream page

To learn about ways to serve with technology at Tenth, check out our Github or our list of volunteer opportunities

Current Projects

Supporting Remote Work and Worship  As our ministries have pivoted toward an online-only model, we've adapted our priorities to support remote work for our staff, and remote programming for ministries. 

Fellowship Hall A/V Upgrades  This project replaces the sound mixer, audio wiring, and video routing systems in Fellowship Hall.  This will simplify connections, and allow automated mixing of smaller, simpler events.  This project also complements a future project to replace the current speakers and video projector, and add additional projectors for greater flexibility. 

Staff Equipment Replacement  As funding is available, we're moving toward replacing equipment on a deliberate schedule.  This helps reduce downtime as computers are less likely to fail while in service. 

Eliminating Windows 7  With the end of support for Windows 7 this past January, we're working to upgrade the handful of computers remaining with Windows 7 to Windows 10 by Summer 2020. 

Replacing ACS  Our Church Management System (ChMS) is no longer adequate for our ministry needs.  We are evaluating several options, and hope to have the new system in place by Fall 2020. 

Service Audio in Reception Hall  Newly installed speakers are intended to make worship services audible in Reception Hall. 

1710-2F A/V System  This project adds a sound system and projector to the classroom in 1710-2F, which was intended to be used by our College Ministry.  

Migration toward Cloud Infrastructure  As cloud technologies have developed, their capabilities have increasingly aligned with the needs of our office systems.  This project will gradually transition many of our on-premises systems to the cloud.