All Staff

Brigida Altamirano

Ministry Intern, TCF

Dr. David Apple

Director of Acts

Douglas Baker

Church Administrator

Rev. Deryck Barson

Assistant Minister

Elizabeth Bekele


Dot Boersma


Jason Bull

Ministry Intern, TCN

Amber Carter

Maranatha Administrative Assistant

Philip Chung

Global Outreach Assistant

Jared Cochrum

Director of College

David Crossman


Craig Damanti

Director of Facilities

Olivia Forde

Tenth Church Preschool Assistant Teacher

Melissa Frederick

Parish & Membership Coordinator

Dr. Liam Goligher

Senior Minister

Yang He

Pastoral Intern, Internationals Outreach

Colin Howland

Music Director

Amie Koch

Tenth Church Preschool Teacher

Steve Kohler

Media Coordinator

James Kurtz

Director of Technology

Claire Lawrence

Tenth Church Preschool Teacher

Dr. Laura Layer

Director of Medical Campus Outreach

Rev. Enrique Leal

Minister of Internationals Outreach

Cody Lewis

Ministry Intern, Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) & Assistant Sexton

Rev. Gavin Lymberopoulos

Minister of Outreach

Donna Martin

Tenth Church Preschool Assistant Teacher

Tim Merkel

Ministry Intern, TCF / TCN

Pam Nothacker

Director of Tenth Church Preschool

Edward Lee Parrish, Jr.

Ministry Intern, Maranatha

Julia Peterman

Tenth Church Preschool Teacher

Sarah Peterman

Nursery Coordinator

Carol Pfeifer

Tenth Church Preschool Teacher

Dora Phan

Director of Maranatha (Youth Ministry)

David Schuman

Global Outreach Coordinator

Megan Siegle

Receptionist & Assistant to the Administrator

Helen Sneller

Personal Assistant to the Senior Minister & Music Assistant

Anthony Spicer

Sexton Superintendent

Rev. Carroll Wynne

Minister of Pastoral Care

Kimberly Wynne

Tenth Church Preschool Teacher

Tara Yingling

Tenth Church Preschool Teacher