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God Is at Work in Our Midst Jan 17 ⋅ by Megan Siegle and Pam Nothacker It’s 8:25am on the first day back after Christmas break, and there’s a whirlwind of excitement on Delancey Street. However, no one is more excited than Sam today. It seems like it has been forever and ever since he last saw his friends. But wait! He sees a car pull up and just knows that his friend Sarah is in there. Sam leaps out of his stroller, peers around the car door, and gives Sarah the biggest hello hug. Their excitement keeps building until the doors are unlocked and they run to their classroom to begin their day at Tenth Church Preschool.

The friendships that are being formed in the classrooms and overflow to the Delancey Street entrance are a fruit of the seed that Tenth Church Preschool seeks to sow and cultivate: community. Not only are the children growing as they learn but are doing so in a loving community. The children form friendships that give an avenue for their parents and caregivers to have conversations and develop friendships. Sometim...
Death Becomes Us Jan 15 ⋅ by Douglas E. Baker During my years of study in seminary, I worked at a funeral home. It was the best laboratory in which to learn the Bible and theology. Frequently, I saw dead bodies and attended funerals as I helped direct the families and friends of person after person to a hole in the ground where a once vibrant life would find its final resting place in a cemetery. One night as I was reading through Millard ...
Trinitarian Comfort Jan 10 ⋅ by Douglas E. Baker “The doctrine of the Trinity, taken literally, has no practical relevance at all.” 

—Immanuel Kant 

How great the number of modern Christians who would agree with Kant’s assessment! The Holy Trinity—if mentioned at all—seemingly has no benefit to the modern understanding other than some sort of clever formulation for an o...
New Year's Eve Communion Service Dec 27, 2018 ⋅ by Deryck Barson As we approach the end of another year, we are grateful to God for his sustaining mercies, his sovereign purposes, and the reassurance of his covenant promise that he is with us. For many, the new year can be a time of mixed emotions as one remembers a year filled with blessing and trial, celebration and loss. As the Scriptures teach us, we are not without hope. Ou...
Becoming a Student of Culture Dec 20, 2018 ⋅ by Debbie Langford Our meeting at the International Cooperation Department at our university in China was to be a routine meet-and-greet. Our foreign affairs officer offered us water. Not thirsty, we declined. She made some welcoming comments and then offered water again. We declined again, and as the meeting started she placed two bottles of water in front of us. ...
Who is Jesus? Dec 18, 2018 ⋅ by George McFarland This past quarter in the Adult Bible School our class looked at the topic, “Who Is Jesus? Mistakes Concerning the Identity of Christ.” Certainly, this was not an exhaustive series, but we did look at a limited number of New Testament characters who were faced with this very critical question. As in our day, people continue to seek to reckon with the deity and authority of Jesus of N...
Spiritually Informed Dec 11, 2018 ⋅ by Carroll Wynne What a perfect place to be spiritually informed: your own church on a Sunday morning as you are coming to worship! For those new to the faith as well as those who have been Christians for some time, there are a variety of classes to strengthen and encourage you in your walk with Christ.

This past quarter a class considered “Who is Jesus?” It navigated through the myths ...
Tenth Women’s Committee Dec 4, 2018 ⋅ by Phil Scribano and Earline Schmid As men and women of Tenth, let us “Glorify the Lord with me: let us exalt his name together” (Psalm 34:3). This past November Session meeting, a motion was passed to establish a women’s ministry upon the recommendation of a Special Session Committee on Women’s Ministry, in partnership with an ad hoc Committee for Women’s Ministry. The purpose was to establish a vis...
Incarnation Matters Dec 1, 2018 ⋅ by Douglas E. Baker No more let sins and sorrows grow, Nor thorns infest the ground; He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found. —Isaac Watts

Jesus entered the world during a time of violence and terror as the wails of mothers whose children were murdered for political expediency surely still echoed across the nation. Government oppression and taxation bore down on those who...

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January 2019

God Is at Work in Our Midst    by Megan Sigle

Death Becomes Us    by Douglas E. Baker

Trinitarian Comfort    by Douglas E. Baker

Tenth Women's Committee   by Earline Schmid & Phil Scribano

The Friendship Factor    by Douglas E. Baker

Becoming a Student of Culture    by Debbie Langford

Outreach Partners of the Week

December 2018

Incarnation Matters    by Douglas E. Baker

Comfort & Joy    by Colin Howland

Who is Jesus?    by George McFarland

Surprised Foreigners Know About It   by Gavin Lymberopoulos

Outreach Partners of the Week

    Michael & Pearl Oh  December 2-8

    AlphaCare  December 9-15

    Nate & Lynn  December 16-22

    Partner Kids  December 23-29

    Hal & Rebekah  December 30 - January 5

November 2018

Electing Nominees

Leadership in Christ's Church   by Liam Goligher

Commissional   by Liam Goligher

New Mercies   by Debbie Langford

Immigrants & Refugees   by Mim Tilton

Outreach Partners of the Week

     Todd & Kathleen  November 4-10

     Esperanza Health Center  November 11-17

     Matt & Tara  November 18-24

     John & Terri  November 25 - December 1

October 2018

Ethnicity, Arrogance, and the Call of Christ   by Carroll Wynne

A Journey to Connect   by Ray Withers

Learning to Love through Stories   by Megan Siegle

A Modern Reformation   by Douglas E. Baker

Outreach Partners of the Week:

    Omar & Jennifer Cedeño  September 30 - October 6

    Calvin & Geeta  October 7-13

    Paul & Maggie Franks  October 14-20

    Moses & Eunice Wong  October 21-27

    Koji & Marcia  October 28 - November 3

September 2018

In Perfect Faithfulness  by Dora Phan & Maranatha Students and Leaders 

A Gospel Culture on Campus  by Douglas E. Baker

Music & Discipleship  by Colin Howland

Outreach Partners of the Week:

    John & Lori Kempen  September 2-8

    Ed & Tili  September 9-15

    Norm & Alison MacKay  September 16-22

    Whosoever Gospel Mission  September 23-29

    Omar & Jennifer Cedeño  September 30 - October 6