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Easter Sacrificial Offering  Jul 9 ⋅ by Travers Oliver Each year as we celebrate Easter, the Global Outreach Commission seeks out beneficiaries for the annual Easter Sacrificial Offering (ESO). This year we’ve partnered with seven ministries that ease the sufferings of others and faithfully proclaim the gospel around the world. As a result of the generous contributions made by the congregation, we’re pleased to announce that the ESO collected just over $87,000.  This amount will directly fund the work of our partners as they seek to make Christ’s name known around the world.  For information on how each partner will use the funds, please see below.

Forgotten Voices International Forgotten Voices International is an organization that equips local churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children orphaned by AIDS in their communities. The organization has partnered with nearly 100 churches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi and is currently on pace to serve more than 15,000 children and t...
The Church as Mentor May 28 ⋅ by Douglas E. Baker Birthed in adversity when the Roman Empire was at its zenith, a fledging group of Jews surfaced near the time of the Jewish feast of Pentecost in Jerusalem. The Christian church emerged as a visible community of members who confessed the eternal Lordship of a resurrected Galilean executed at Golgotha a mere three days before he was recognized alive in the city of his death. Led by peasants turn...
Equipping the Littlest Kingdom-Bearers May 14 ⋅ by Julia P. Have you ever listened to a young child talk about their world? A child sees the world with wonder and anticipation. They grasp onto small details and celebrate both the new and the familiar. Their brains work like sponges soaking up new information. They can observe and enjoy the world with eagerness and freedom when they have someone willing to guide them.

Wide Open World, or WOW...
When the Mourning Comes May 7 ⋅ by Douglas E. Baker When a phone rings at 1:30 AM in the morning, the news is seldom good. The voice on the other end of the line spoke in official terms, “Is your brother’s name Michael?” I responded with a sheepish reply that yes, I had a brother by that name. I was informed at that moment his body had just been pulled from the river after drowning. My first thought upon hearing this news? I wa...
A New Hope May 2 ⋅ by Karen Swoyer God has been showing me through the lives of others how he brings hope and begins new work amidst grief and loss. He pointed this out to me again during our time at Hogar La Providencia (which houses John Calvin School) in Santa Marta, Colombia. The people there had just lost their visionary founder and leader, whom I had heard referred to as a “power house” multiple times—Jai...
Within The Shadows  Apr 19 ⋅ by Travers Oliver There hides a man within the shadows who I know all too well. He follows me day and night crying: “Come to me! For it’s only your soul you must sell!” I answered: “No, no! From outside of His presence I cannot dwell!” In a cunning manner he spoke: “You needn’t worry, for who have I to tell?” Despite the pain, I gave into his demand, and into the d...
Easter Sacrificial Offering   Apr 16 ⋅ by Dan Kunkle We have spoken previously in a Tenth Press article about some of the ministries that we at Tenth will be supporting this year through our Easter Sacrificial Offering. As a reminder, those ministries are: SIM Galmi Hospital, Sight for Souls, Jiyii-nun, Forgotten Voices, and Rock Spring Church in Liberia. The final two ministries that round out are giving recipients this year are the Merkinch Chu...
Sent Out as Sheep Among Wolves Apr 4 ⋅ by Douglas E. Baker Meeting Mez McConnell is a bit like encountering a Buzzsaw. He moves quickly past the pleasantries and wants to know the story of how someone arrived where they did and what they are doing with their life. He doesn’t like small talk. Rather, he jumps into deep conversations with both feet and moves forward in ways that can catch a person off guard if not ready for a serious discussion abo...
Living Beyond Your Lifetime Apr 2 ⋅ by Carter Skeel I have always appreciated how Dr. Goligher consistently returns us to our most fundamental reality and its principal truths. Before we think about ministry, we must first think about God. If we do not understand who the God we serve is, how can we serve God rightly and well? This attention to first truths also clarifies the proper ends to which we should be oriented. In our finite, fallen natur...

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June 2019

Within The Shadows  by Travers Oliver

The Church as Mentor   by Douglas E. Baker

A New Hope   by Karen Swoyer

Equipping the Littlest Kingdom-Bearers   by Julia P.

When Mourning Comes    by Douglas E. Baker

Outreach Partners of the Week

F and N  Week of May 5

Todd and Kathleen   Week of May 12

C and K   Week of May 19

Phil and Joy   Week of May 26

G and G   Week of June 2

Neil & Wannee   Week of June 9

Jonas & Pattie Stava   Week of June 16

Jonathan Bromhead   Week of June 23

Place of Refuge   Week of June 30

April 2019

Worthy is the Lamb!   by Colin Howland 

Easter Pancake Breakfast    by Dora Phan

Easter Sacrificial Offering   by Dan Kunkle 

Sent Out as Sheep Among Wolves   by Douglas E. Baker 

Outreach Partner of the Week

John & Lori Kempen   March 31-April 6

Rock Spring Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church    April 7-13

Forgotten Voices International   April 14-20

Merkinch Church Plant   April 21-27

Integration House   April 28-May 5

March 2019

Serving God with One Accord by Jared Cochrum 

Westminster Brass by James W. Hala 

A Window into Adult Bible School by Deryck Barson 

Have Mercy. Follow Jesus. by David Apple 

Outreach Partner of the Week

Dennis & Judy  March 3-9

Lani Shade March 10-16

Joe March 17-23

Matt & Tara M March 24-30

John and Lori Kempen March 31-April 6

January 2019

God Is at Work in Our Midst    by Megan Siegle and Pam Nothacker 

Death Becomes Us    by Douglas E. Baker

Trinitarian Comfort    by Douglas E. Baker

Tenth Women's Committee   by Earline Schmid & Phil Scribano

The Friendship Factor    by Douglas E. Baker

Becoming a Student of Culture    by Debbie Langford

Outreach Partners of the Week

Nelly Vos    January 6-12

Jon & Mary    January 13-19

S & V    January 20-26

The City School    January 27-February 2

Stuart & Meriel Cashman    February 3-9

BoonChu   February 10-16

Liviu Lepadatu    February 17-23

Harvest USA    February 24-March 2

December 2018

Incarnation Matters    by Douglas E. Baker

Comfort & Joy    by Colin Howland

Who is Jesus?    by George McFarland

Surprised Foreigners Know About It   by Gavin Lymberopoulos

Outreach Partners of the Week

    Michael & Pearl Oh  December 2-8

    AlphaCare  December 9-15

    The C Family  December 16-22

    Partner Kids  December 23-29

    Hal & Rebekah  December 30 - January 5

November 2018

Electing Nominees

Leadership in Christ's Church   by Liam Goligher

Commissional   by Liam Goligher

New Mercies   by Debbie Langford

Immigrants & Refugees   by Mim Tilton

Outreach Partners of the Week

     Todd & Kathleen  November 4-10

     Esperanza Health Center  November 11-17

     Matt & Tara  November 18-24

     John & Terri  November 25 - December 1

October 2018

Ethnicity, Arrogance, and the Call of Christ   by Carroll Wynne

A Journey to Connect   by Ray Withers

Learning to Love through Stories   by Megan Siegle

A Modern Reformation   by Douglas E. Baker

Outreach Partners of the Week:

    Omar & Jennifer Cedeño  September 30 - October 6

    Calvin & Geeta  October 7-13

    Paul & Maggie Franks  October 14-20

    Moses & Eunice Wong  October 21-27

    Koji & Marcia  October 28 - November 3

September 2018

In Perfect Faithfulness  by Dora Phan & Maranatha Students and Leaders 

A Gospel Culture on Campus  by Douglas E. Baker

Music & Discipleship  by Colin Howland

Outreach Partners of the Week:

    John & Lori Kempen  September 2-8

    Ed & Tili  September 9-15

    Norm & Alison MacKay  September 16-22

    Whosoever Gospel Mission  September 23-29

    Omar & Jennifer Cedeño  September 30 - October 6