Financial Counseling

Tenth offers free financial counseling to members and regular attenders facilitated by the Board of Deacons. Our financial counseling will educate you about budgeting and managing your financial resources in a biblical way.

What we offer:

  • Individual financial counseling with a diaconate member to review member/family budget and spending history
  • A review of family assets, along with spending priorities with the goal of preparing a realistic monthly/weekly budget
  • Career counseling, if needed or desired
  • Recommendations for further financial advice from a paid professional
  • Coordination with the Benevolence Committee when diaconate benevolence is needed
  • Prayer and emotional support 


We want to help you approach your finances, budgeting, giving, and spending from a biblical perspective. With prayer and diligence, you can achieve financial independence, and we hope to assist you in meeting your financial goals.