Care of our women at Tenth is an important part of our love for one another. We minister to women who are experiencing a need in time of crisis or special life event through providing, as requested, another woman to come alongside as a friend or advocate. Our support for women extends to a wide variety of issues of importance from grief and loss, marriages and
relationships, illness, and other trauma and abuse. This ministry is confidential. Contact us to send an email requesting help or information.

In addition to sending a contact request through the website, who can a woman at Tenth speak to if she needs help? All pastors, elders, and church staff directors of ministry as well as deacons and especially deaconesses are available to engage in helping and directing the woman in need to the available resources. Small group leaders, parish elders, and other ministry leaders are a good means of accessing help.

The Tenth Women Resources page also contains an extensive list of resources to provide help for trauma, abuse, and domestic violence.