Tenth Women’s Committee

Tenth Women’s Committee was formed to provide a visible and accessible resource to serve the women of Tenth Presbyterian Church. Our hope and desires are that through prayer, mentoring, discipleship and fellowship, we would share common Christian bonds leading to a desire to not only study the Bible but apply it in our daily lives and thus grow in our faith and walk in Christ Jesus while demonstrating our love for each other.

We are a committee of session, which means that we are under the authority of session (elders) and are led by a ruling elder. Our women members are of various ages, ethnicities, and marital, career, and ministry status; but of mature Christian faith.


  1. Mentoring of women by women through prayer groups, small group Bible studies
  2. Discipling, mentoring and training women in study of God’s Word through Sunday School classes, conferences and recommended resources such as webinars, books and other online resources
  3. Fostering opportunities to develop meaningful one-on-one friendships that lead to deepening of those relationships and to care and serve one another
  4. Developing curriculum for training women to teach the Word to other women and raising up women leadership for future generations.

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