Plans for Future Use

In addition to reducing the debt from our purchase of 1710 Spruce Street, funds from the capital campaign will provide the means to establish new key spaces as hubs of activity to promote the mission of Tenth Presbyterian Church.

Courtyard between 1710 and the Sanctuary


A courtyard will fill the space between the sanctuary and 1710 Spruce, eliminating the wall between the buildings and creating a yet-to-be-designed terrace or courtyard. This kind of space is completely beyond our current experience and will facilitate all sorts of creative uses. It would provide Tenth with a unique, urban space for outdoor functions and small sacred concerts to which we could easily invite our neighbors. It could also serve as an outdoor play space for the preschool.

Medium-sized Meeting Rooms


Tenth has suffered from an acute shortage of medium-sized meeting rooms suitable for groups of 50 to 100. The large conference room on the first floor of 1710 has provided one such space, and there is opportunity to create another similarly sized space on the second floor of 1710. This space would be immediately useful to the growing Tenth College Fellowship (Sunday morning) and Maranatha (Sunday evening) ministries of the church. An additional adult Sunday School classroom can be created at little cost in the basement of 1710 by consolidating the space in four small offices. This project would enable us to begin to transform the basement spaces, including the kitchen, into a casual, homey meeting area.