Our Time in the Building

Preschool in the Carriage House



Tenth’s preschool was established in 2013 in response to needs voiced by neighbors and congregants who participate in the playgroup. The baby boom in Philadelphia has created an enormous demand for high-quality preschools. Faced with a waitlist more than twice its number of available spots, the preschool decided to open an additional classroom in order to better serve our neighbors and permit our capacity to increase from 33 to 66 children.

In the summer of 2016, the carriage house behind 1710 was renovated so that it would be a safe and useful space to be used by small children. Today its two large sunny classrooms are used by Tenth Preschool during the week and children’s Sunday School classes on the Lord’s Day.

Interns on the Third and Fourth Floors


Tenth is committed to investing in the next generation of church leaders, and our internship program (with both residential and non-residential internships) is a primary manifestation of that effort. The internship program has been a blessing to ministries across the church for years, but only recently could the program offer housing.

In 2016, interns were housed in temporary quarters at 1716 Spruce. With a few renovations, Tenth has created apartments for interns on the third and fourth floors at 1710 Spruce. Interns living in the building lead small groups and provide support to the full spectrum of ministry activities in the church. In turn, they receive valuable discipleship, encouragement, and training from Tenth’s pastors and staff.

Young Adults in the Main Gallery


Tenth’s young adult ministry, Tenth City Network (TCN), reaches 20 and 30-somethings in the greater Philadelphia area. Having a spacious, consistent place to meet has been key to TCN’s success. Meeting together, beyond providing the joy of fellowship and developing friendships, is necessary for all believers—especially those who are in transition, as many young adults often are.

TCN has used the main gallery space in 1710 for monthly Saturday night gatherings and occasional social events. With access to the main church kitchen and a basement kitchen as well, the space fosters the opportunity for a community to gather together, prepare and serve a meal, and enjoy fellowship with friends and meet new ones.

Internationals Outreach


For over sixty years, Tenth Internationals Outreach (IO) has existed to reach residents of Philadelphia from around the world with the good news of the gospel while providing an opportunity for fellowship and family. For a ministry that connects with people who are far from home and may come from countries where it is not safe to openly practice Christianity, the value of a good meeting space is high. The 1710 Spruce Street Ministry Center is already providing just such a space for IO.

The leadership of IO, including director Enrique Leal, has moved office space into the second floor of the 1710 Spruce Street Ministry Center. Enrique’s new office is about two and a half times larger than his original space, and this has allowed him to have a comfortable setting for 1:1 discipleship meetings and other small gatherings, which had been very difficult to schedule before. A Sunday membership class for people involved in IO also meets in his office space.

“The new building feels like home. This is especially important for IO, because for most of the people in the ministry, this is their family. Our time together is like a weekly family dinner for them. The new space has been very welcoming for them,” Enrique shared. 

Tenth College Fellowship


Tenth’s bustling college ministry, Tenth College Fellowship (TCF), has also found a home within the walls of the 1710 Spruce Street Ministry Center. In just a few years, TCF has grown from small Bible studies on two campuses to a vibrant community that meets every Sunday morning for its own Sunday school class. With the help of our church interns—conveniently housed just a few floors above—TCF utilizes the 1710 building’s large first floor classroom for its weekly class. This is the first meeting space that comfortably fits all of TCF’s members, and TCF has truly made its home in the new building.