Desiring to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, we practice responsible stewardship through budgeting priorities in our finances. At the same time, we realize some special interests warrant designated giving, such as our children and youth. Beyond our prayers, beyond our promises at their baptism, funds fuel programs. In the past, these non-budget funds were raised by word-of-mouth to protect special offerings celebrated throughout the year, such as the Easter Sacrificial Offering. This year, the Trustees are opening these specifically designated funds to the entire congregation:

Children’s Memory Work Awards

Every year, our children memorize Scripture verses and Catechism answers following a program that expands each year until many complete full Psalms, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, as well as large segments of Jesus’ words. Each student who completes the prescribed year’s goals on time is awarded a week at Camp Sankanac, a Christian camp we have partnered with for more than three decades. The cost is just under $300 per child, with spiritual benefits abundant!

Memory Work Awards for Special Needs Families

Because of the complexities juggled by families with special needs children, the Memorization program and goals are customized for each family to be awarded a family retreat week at Joni and Friends Camp— at the cost of $2,250 to $2,800 per family. For some families, this is their only hope of respite, knowing every family member will have the opportunity for refreshment from the Scripture and outdoor fun.

Maranatha Summer Projects

Every summer, our youth group partners with others to share the Gospel through service projects, Vacation Bible School-type programs, prayer walks, and so much more. As team members, each student (and adult leader) is required to “raise” at least 50% of the costs — not take it out of their savings account — but work, send out support letters, or redirect birthday gifts. Overall, the team bears the responsibility for the total amount so that no team member is left behind due to lack of finances.

Give to any of these funds online.

Sankanac scholarships may be substituted for an equivalent check at the family’s discretion.

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