Fighting Strongholds

Series: Proverbs

by D. Marion Clark January 21, 2014 Scripture: Proverbs 21:22

Proverbs 21:22

A wise man scales the city of the mighty
and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.

Wisdom is stronger than physical strength. In sports, the smarter team is more likely to defeat the better athletic team. So it is in the military. In business, it is the company that is cleverer that wins over the company with more money and resources.

And so it is in the spiritual life. It is not the amount of Bible knowledge that causes growth in sanctification, but the ability to discern biblical truth. One can memorize these proverbs and learn little from them or even misapply them. The wise are discerning about what these proverbs mean and how they apply.

How is it that Christians can know the Gospel and know much Scripture and theology, yet have troubles in their relationships with others? Because they do not exercise wisdom. They try to bring down the stronghold of others by yelling at the wall or beating it with their fists. And they wonder why they cannot succeed. Jesus said, "The sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light" (Luke 16:8).

Be wise; be discerning; think through your goal and how to achieve your goal. Being a Christian does not mean giving up your ability to think wisely. Strongholds can be scaled and even brought down. All that is needed is wisdom.