Boice Center

The Rev. Dr. James Montgomery Boice served as Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church from 1968 to 2000. His ministry at Tenth was marked by a unique combination of scholarly engagement and pastoral application. Dr. Boice was an accomplished theologian; yet, he understood that scholarship ultimately served the church, and this was nowhere more evident than in his devotion to preaching.

Dr. Boice’s ministry also impacted the wider church beyond Tenth. He was instrumental in organizing the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, which produced a statement for the crucial doctrine of inerrancy for the Evangelical church. Through his preaching, publications, and Christian leadership, Dr. Boice embodied the model of a pastor-scholar.

In 2012 the Session of Tenth Presbyterian Church established the James Montgomery Boice Center for Christian Studies (The Boice Center) in order to continue and build on the legacy of The Rev. Dr. James Montgomery Boice.

Mission & Purpose

Continuing the legacy of Dr. Boice, the purpose of the James Montgomery Boice Center for Christian Studies is to provide theological resources for the church. Scholarly engagement continues to serve an important role for Christian faith, yet the fruit of scholarship must be accessible and applicable to members of the church.

The mission of the Center is to:

  • Promote the development of the Christian mind
  • Offer a coherent defense of the gospel to people in all walks of life
  • Educate and equip Tenth members and Christians in the City to engage contemporary issues for the sake of being witnesses for the Gospel
  • Encourage scholarship in various academic disciplines

The Center will have also a particular emphasis on serving the residents of Center City Philadelphia and local college students by providing a place for non-Christians to genuinely explore the Christian faith and become acquainted with Tenth.