When new contractors and vendors come to visit the Tenth campus, as we show them the way to their work spaces, we often include the sanctuary along the way. Even if it means a more circuitous route, much can be communicated to an outsider about the church simply by standing on the tile and gazing about. Anyone, regardless of their faith background, feels a sense of grandeur, glory, and wonder. In some ways, the room represents the mission of the church, with the pulpit and preached gospel as the centerpiece.

But this interior and its materials–arguably the soul of this feeling of wonder–are complicated to maintain. You may have noticed the chipped paint, cracked plaster, or flickering lights. Some of the artistry employed in the sanctuary’s design and construction has largely died in the century since its inception. This restoration is the challenge left to us as members of Tenth. 

We have an opportunity to preserve and extend this feeling of wonder for future generations. In early June, worshippers in the pews will be joined by the legs of scaffolding. Over the following several months, the sanctuary will be repainted. The decorative stenciling will be reapplied, but without the dimming brought by both lacquer and years. Throughout the project, the intent is to preserve the spirit of the existing design. However, sensibilities and technology have evolved. The new colors may be slightly different from what you see now (the colors you see now are not original). The lighting throughout will be upgraded to heighten the wonder and ease the reading of Bibles and hymnals.

For members of the Building Committee, this project is likely to be the most important Tenth building project we see in our lifetimes, and we want to do it exceptionally well. Several experts in preservation, church decoration, and lighting have served as consultants and will continue to contribute to the steering of the project. As we look forward to the completion of this project, please bear with us as we endure scaffolding and other abnormalities related to this process in the sanctuary. Like all capital building projects at Tenth, this project will be paid completely from donations designated for the Building Fund. We have needed to save budgeted funds for several years for this project. Please pray for the project and the experts working to preserve the sanctuary so that we can pass wonder along to further generations.  

Give online to the Building Fund, or join the Building Committee as it meets on the first Tuesday evening of each month.

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