What do a pediatric oncologist  and the chief of pulmonary, allergy, and critical care medicine have in common?

Aside from being physicians, both of these men have thought a great deal about suffering. Seeing suffering day in and day out is something that many, if not all physicians experience. From more simple patient complaints to the most complicated and life-threatening diseases and conditions, suffering and medicine are connected in many ways. Whether a patient presents with a cough from the common cold or cancer symptoms, physicians see suffering in a variety of settings and scenarios.

With that in mind, Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) has partnered with the Veritas Forum to create a space for medical professionals to discuss and hear the experiences of other physicians in relation to suffering. The Veritas Forum seeks to bring experts in a variety of fields alongside students to dialogue as they wrestle with the big questions of life, including tenets of the Christian faith.

This event, Intermed 2014: Suffering & the Love of God, will be held on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in Bodek Lounge, and will feature two fantastic discussants. We are honored to hear these two experienced physicians with separate worldviews who have both given much thought to the suffering they see in medicine

 Dr. Ray Barfield, Pediatric Oncologist, and Professor of Christian Philosophy at Duke University.


 Dr. John Hansen-Flaschen,Chief of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

We hope this event will be an opportunity for students and medical professionals to invite their colleagues and fellow students who may not be believers in Jesus Christ to hear about faith’s role in coping with the suffering that they see. If you know someone who may be impacted by hearing this dialogue, please consider inviting them to Intermed: Friday, May 2 at 7 PM. If you have questions, please email Lauren.

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