It is only day three of door-to-door outreach, and God has made it apparent that He is moving in the hearts and minds of the families here in Kensington. We are so excited and privileged to be a part of expanding Gods kingdom! Our group has already witnessed four individuals accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please pray for our new brothers and sistersthat God would continue to work in their lives and grow the seed of faith He has planted in their hearts.

While we have experienced the immense hope that is found only in Jesus Christ, we have also seen the inevitable consequences of our sinful nature. We have come across people conflicted with addiction, disease, violence and depression. We have shared in their pain and prayed with them for deliverance.

God has definitely used these past few days to challenge us. To be completely honest, our bodies were tired – the sun was beating down on us, and about 4 out of every 5 doors we knocked on werent answeredbut God was still so faithful. He brought us in contact with individuals who were genuinely interested in hearing more about the Gospel. Listening to people ask questions about the Holy Trinity, the church, and what it means to be saved was a surreal and humbling experience. We realized that these fundamental Christian facts that we had taken for granted (having grown up in the church) were unknown to some, but more importantly, we realized just how challenging it was to explain these concepts without the presence of faith in the picture. It also taught us that we could say all the right words and do all the right things, but ultimately, only God can soften peoples hearts – we are simply His tools and instruments. This fact brings us so much peace because we are ineloquent wrecks and He is a righteous and perfect God. Glory to God alone!

– Shannon and Jessica

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