With Knowledge

Series: Proverbs

by D. Marion Clark January 28, 2013 Scripture: Proverbs 13:16

Proverbs 13:16

In everything the prudent acts with knowledge,
but a fool flaunts his folly.

How will you act today at work, at school, the home? Will you speak without thinking, merely reacting to others and circumstances? Will you lose your temper because traffic is bad or a sales clerk is rude? Will you express your frustrations to whoever happens to be near? Or will you go through the day praying to God for wisdom? For God to keep you alert that you not give in to sin? For God to keep you alert to the opportunities to witness for him, to show the love of Christ?

The prudent acts with knowledge - knowledge of what is going on around him, knowledge of wise and ethical behavior, and foremost, knowledge of the Gospel. The more one understands the Gospel, the more prudent he will be in life's daily circumstances. The more he knows grace, the more gracious he will be. The more he knows God in Christ, the more Christ-like he will be.