Proverbs 19:6

Many seek the favor of a generous man,
and everyone is a friend to a man who gives gifts.

“Generous man” could be translated “nobleman” or “prince.” Whatever the case, the point is that the person in a position to bestow gifts – be it of money, of position, of power – will have many “friends” who in truth are lovers of what he can give. The person may understand this and all the more loves his position because he can get “friends” to show him attention. The end result, however, is his own downfall from the ego that swells up in him, and the desertion of such friends when the downfall comes.

The irony of such behavior is that the One who rules over all and is more than generous is the one such “friends” are least likely to turn to. What does God offer? All the riches in Christ Jesus. He offers not only escape from damnation, but eternal bliss. He offers food and drink without cost. He paid the greatest cost in order to offer these marvelous gifts. Furthermore, he guarantees what he gives. Think about this. The one things that is the most important – eternal joy – is the one thing that he gives away and guarantees that we cannot lose.

And how do most people respond? “No thanks.” C. S. Lewis was right. Our problem is not that we desire too much, but that we are satisfied with so little. Seek the favor of this generous King who gives costly gifts beyond measure. You who have turned to Christ: why do you act as though you do not have his favor? Why do you act as though you are poor, that your King does not give you gifts? It is such an attitude that keeps the lost from turning to our King, because they look at you and conclude that he is a poor giver. Make them envious of the gifts of peace, of love, of so many other gifts that you have in Christ.

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