Proverbs 16:30

Whoever winks his eyes plans dishonest things;
he who purses his lips brings evil to pass.

Be aware of the subtlety by which the wicked deceive – the unscrupulous salesman and the stranger who seem overly familiar with you; the caller who has a “great deal” for you; the “friend” who wants to show you something new. There are many people who wickedly want to harm you or take advantage of you. There are many more who just want to make an extra dollar or close a deal that is not necessarily bad but may not be best for you.

In this sinful world you must be on your guard, knowing that danger often comes from seemingly innocent and even good sources – the person who seems so nice, so sincere. Pay attention to signs that indicate questionable intentions. Do not be put into a position where you feel like you owe someone your business or a favor. The wicked take advantage of good people by making them feel like they owe them the favor of buying into a special deal or for being so attentive to them, etc.

Be alert. If you have gotten caught in such an arrangement, go now to a trusted friend for help in getting out of trouble. If you are considering such involvement, do not act without turning to a trusted friend. Do not yield to pressure tactics.

And remember that dishonesty is rampant in the religious world and among so-called Christian evangelist stars who are happy to take your donations in the name of Jesus. If you are not connected to a church, you need to do so if only for protection against religious stars who are not accountable to anyone. I would say put your trust in God; but put your trust in God by putting trust in a sound church with faithful leaders who shepherd their people.

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