It’s a different story of Esther. This Esther was a formerly-trafficked woman who had been living with a young man who was an armed robber. They had one child. Two years ago the man went on a robbery expedition, where he was gunned down.

Esther, who was engaged in prostitution for five years, thought God was punishing her for her evil deeds with  the death of her boyfriend. She repented of her sin and asked for God to show her mercy. She heard about the African Enterprise vocational program for formerly-trafficked women from a friend. Esther is now a happy person full of aspirations, according to Rev. Sachie, who leads the program. During the training, Esther demonstrated her commitment by her attitude toward both the Bible studies and the skill training.

Only $1,000 per woman. That’s the cost to bring a woman out of being trafficked into the vocational program that Rev. Sachie leads. In the process of this program, they hear the gospel and have regular times of Bible study. When they complete their ten weeks of training, they are provided with seed money and starter supplies to help them start their own businesses. Funds from the Easter Sacrificial Offering will go toward at least one semester of the training.

There is a great demand for the women’s batik dye or baking skills, as well as the products the trainees produce.

Best of all, the women in the class confess Christ, and their lives are forever changed. They go from being women who are abused to women who radiate dignity. They grow to realize how much God loves them. Their changed lives help to transform their community, giving a testimony of hope to others.

Pray for this ministry of African Enterprise and Rev. Sachie. Pray that more women like Esther would be changed by encounters with God through the vocational program. Pray for how God will lead you to join in supporting ESO. 

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