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Fay Goddard

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G. & G.

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G&G work in the Middle East teaching English, building relationships and training other teachers.

Matt & Tara

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Matt is the Director of HIV and TB Programs at Galmi Hospital in Niger where he also functions as liaison to the hospital chaplains. He seeks to bring spiritual hope and physical care to his patients.

Craig & Yumiko Chapin

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Craig teaches New Testament at Christ Bible Seminary in Japan, while Yumiko ministers through music at the seminary and their local church.

Japan is home to one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, Craig and Yumiko strive to equip Japanese to reach Japan with the gospel.

Craig is the interim president of Christ Bible Seminary, a graduate-level school of theology that teaches Reformed theology but is open to students from an array of denominational backgrounds. CBS strives to ground a new generation of pastors and Christian leaders in the gospel and equip them to extend the gospel to the lost of Japan and to expand the Church in this least-reached nation. In addition to more administrative roles, Craig teaches New Testament and occasionally other subjects and does his best to organize the library. Yumiko’s ministry is primarily through music and hospitality at church.

Pray for Craig and Yumiko’s health as they continue their work despite numerous physical setbacks. Pray that they would find time to rest. Pray they would have the resources they need to continue to spread the gospel in Japan.

Stuart & Meriel Cashman

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Stuart and Meriel are church planting in Brentford, London with their children Zoë and Joel. Their church plant, Immanuel Church, first gathered for public worship in May 2016. They are thankful for the small growth they have seen and for a strong group of elders. Their goal is to equip every church member to read the bible with unbelieving friends. Pray for increased love for Christ and their neighbors, confidence in the gospel and for the Lord to bring people to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus.

Give thanks for…

God’s provision and protection since Immanuel Church first met in May 2016
Strong team of elders and committed members
African families who’ve started attending in the last year
Pray for…

Every member to read John’s gospel with unbelieving friends
Growing love for Christ, for our neighbors and increased confidence in the gospel
The Lord to grant repentance and faith to many

Philip & Joy

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Phil and Joy partner with a local church network in Greece to plant churches and meet the needs of local marginalized populations. They focus on outreach and mercy ministries to refugees, unaccompanied refugee minors and victims of trafficking and prostitution.

N. & L.

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N. & L. serve as area directors for their company in North Africa and the Middle East. They work with the church to reach out to locals and Muslim immigrants.

Gethin Jones

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Gethin was an intern at Tenth while studying at Westminster and is now serving at a church plant in France.

Hogar la Providencia

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Bruce & Anne McDowell

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President – seminary in Dominican Republic