Within The Shadows

by Travers Oliver April 19, 2019

There hides a man within the shadows who I know all too well. He follows me day and night crying: “Come to me! For it’s only your soul you must sell!” I answered: “No, no! From outside of His presence I cannot dwell!” In a cunning manner he spoke: “You needn’t worry, for who have I to tell?” Despite the pain, I gave into his demand, and into the darkness I reached my frightful hand. What started as a shadow, had turned into a flame! In agony I cried: “What wicked place is this?! Surely you are to blame!” Laughing he spoke: “Foolish man! It was your heart that brought you here! I merely whispered its longings into your ear.” I screamed: “Darkness! Oh darkness, free me from your grasp! Who can save me from this eternal clasp?!” But in the midst of the darkness I saw a shimmer a light. There appeared to be a man, just barely within sight. Upon His back, He carried what looked to be a tree. As He passed, He whispered: “Go now! For I have set you free!” Just then, the chains of darkness had shattered so! As I jumped for joy, I stopped and thought: “That voice I’m sure I know.” “Jesus of Nazareth!” the demons cried. “From the darkness you may leave, it was for you that Man had died.” I jumped for joy and yelled: “Lord! Lord! You have come for me! You were the Man who carried the tree!” Into the shadows my soul fell, yet from the darkness He rescued me from the depths of hell.

This article was published with permission from Travers' personal blog