We live in a culture obsessed with productivity books. If you want to use time or money more wisely, there are endless resources available. None of this is a surprise. We all feel the demand on our resources, and we want to be more disciplined in how we approach life. There is great wisdom to be found in these books, but they only discipline our actions or at best our thoughts. When we receive discipline from our heavenly Father, we are enrolled in the school of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. When we follow Christ’s curriculum, and our minds are renewed in view of God’s mercy, we are transformed. This discipline is not easy, but as the author to the Hebrews tells us, “the Lord disciplines the one he loves.” The ancient Greek word for discipline in this passage is Paideia. According to one dictionary, in secular usage the word Paideia refers to “the act of providing guidance for responsible living, or, the state of being brought up properly.” (BDAG)

If you are looking for spiritual discipline, true paideia which cares for your soul, we encourage you to join us Wednesdays, February 19, March 18, and April 15, 6-8 PM in 1710 Spruce St., Large Conference Room. On these nights Dr. Goligher will lead a reading group focused on Martin Bucer’s (1491-1551) work “Concerning the True Care of Souls.” Dr. Goligher’s reading group is a part of a larger network of groups hosted by the Paideia Center of Reformed Theological Seminary. “The Paideia Center‘s mission is to provide leaders and lay-people in the church with resources to grow in their understanding of theology, through the reading and discussion of classic texts. Participants grow in their knowledge and application of theology in both local reading groups and at its annual conference.”

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