The Tenth Session recently approved a revised policy on giving, and Tenth is currently rolling out a new membership database and donations processing software called TouchPoint. 

Using TouchPoint for online giving greatly increases the efficiency of donation processing and year-end statements. Donors who, in the past, signed up for recurring online giving will need to re-register in TouchPoint

TouchPoint enables members to choose from a list of Session-approved funds to indicate how their giving will be used to support the ministry of Tenth. Givers may notice that the online giving no longer provides a memo line. This is by design as processing a designation that is written on a memo line can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming to interpret and process. However, TouchPoint contains all approved giving designations, eliminating the need for a memo line to indicate a giving preference.  

While recurring online giving is the most efficient method for Tenth to process donations, members may also write checks or give cash. A check to Tenth Church that does not have anything in the memo line will by default support Church Ministry, our primary operating fund. Designations on check memo lines or envelopes must conform to one of the approved funds in the giving policy. Donations to support a Tenth ministry partner should be sent directly to the partner’s sending organization or 501(c)(3). Please email Global Outreach for assistance in identifying the name and address of a partner’s 501(c)(3). Checks or cash which contain designations not included in the approved categories may be declined.  

Prior to the new giving policy, Tenth accepted designations to any budgeted account. This has resulted in significant unspent restricted balances for some Tenth ministries that are currently budgeted and fully funded. In order to reduce these balances, Trustees may apply the restricted balances directly to the budgeted expenses they were designated to cover. The effect of this would be that the designated giving will not be incremental to the budget, but will go toward funding the expenses the congregation approved in the annual budget. 

For the list of funds and further details, see the giving policy.

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