Note No. 1


My first acquaintance with Tenth Church was walking through the front doors to the Narthex and being greeted by two friendly and cheerful deacons. The greeting was usually the same: “Good morning, so glad to see you on this Lord’s Day.” That may have been said many times to many people, but it seemed so personal to me..

In time, I came to know these two deacons well, who are now with the Lord. They left a deep impression upon me. This welcome was significant for several reasons. It first of all assured me that I was really welcomed to this church and they were indeed glad to see me.

As I kept coming back to Tenth, I realized that what these deacons were doing, I should also be doing and began to help pass out the bulletins and greet people. More than that, these “fathers in the faith” were modeling what real service for the Lord was like. It was doing all of our work, as small and insignificant as it may be, as unto the Lord, and with a cheerful attitude.

Little did I know, as I began to serve, I became acquainted with some wonderful people and Tenth Church is really my church.

George McFarland

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