Unscripted: Isn’t the Bible Historically Unreliable?

by Will Spokes January 28, 2014

Christian faith requires belief in the Bible. Many people today find this belief an insurmountable obstacle to overcome. Even those who do believe the Bible often struggle with what they read and the questions that emerge. There are many reasons why a person may object to the reliability of the Bible. Some reasons are more intellectual in nature, while others are born out of real life experiences. However, three of the most common reasons a person may object to belief in the Bible are it appears at various points to be:

  • Scientifically impossible
  • Historically unreliable
  • Culturally regressive

On Tuesday February 4 from 6-7 PM at the Black Sheep Pub (just north of Tenth Church on 17th St.), we will discuss some of these objections and consider whether or not a case can be made for the historical reliability of the Bible.

If you consider yourself a Christian person, perhaps this conversation might be of interest to a skeptical friend and an opportunity to explore these issues together. Why are conversations like this one important? They help to clarify your own position while deepening your understanding of those who may disagree. Whether you remain convinced or unconvinced of the truth of Christianity, you will hold your position with greater clarity and humility, having spent time discussing it with others.

If you would like to join the conversation next Tuesday, please register ahead of time. Your registration will include light food and drink. A cash bar will also be available for those interested. Email Will with any questions.

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