Tenth Team Heads to Liberia: March 12-24

A Video Prayer Guide and Conversation with Bruce McDowell

Series: 2016 Easter Sacrificial Offering

by Bruce McDowell and Craig Claudin March 11, 2016



Before Dr. Bruce McDowell, Elaine Pennel and Samuel Kent left for Liberia on March 12, I had a chance to interview Bruce about the trip and what he hopes God will accomplish.

I hope you'll take 13 minutes to watch the video so that we as a church might better lift up the team before the Throne of Grace.  God has been doing a good work through Tenth in Liberia, the fourth poorest country on earth, since 2002. This and other works are described in a number of posts, including "Changing the World?".

Please pray for the team's safety, health and their unhindered access to all that God has in store.  In addition to checking in with the orphanages we help support, the team will be evaluating students for scholarships and Bruce will teach 50 pastors the foundations of the reformed Christian faith.

With you in Christ,

Craig Claudin

Website Manager