Tenth Healthcare Fellowship: Special Guest Speakers

by Karen Fritz January 29, 2014

This February 2, Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) will be hosting longtime friends of MCO and the Tenth Presbyterian Church community at our monthly Tenth Healthcare Fellowship luncheon gathering. 

Because of the nature of where they serve, I will use only initials to refer to our special guests. For the past five years, S and V have been living and working in Southeast Asia. They work in local business and healthcare. Along with their four children, they have learned the national language and have recently moved to a smaller village to work on learning a tribal language which will help them to connect with an isolated people group. S and V are working with a team of US physicians with whom they have recently been reunited. This group has spent time learning about the local culture and language, and recently they have helped to open a hospital designed to be an outreach to the community. 

Prior to moving across the globe, S and V were leaders in the MCO community. They are excited to be in Philadelphia again to reconnect with old friends and to share their experiences living abroad and doing important work. S and V’s lives exemplify what it means to find your identity, not in your profession or in your status, but in the Father. Join us as they speak about "Identity" and how the source of their identity has influenced their choices and sacrifices. 

If you’d like to hear about S and V's time in Southeast Asia, their work, or just visit with them, please join our upcoming lunch this Sunday, February 2nd, from 12:45-2:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

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