At the time I am writing this, it is nearly midnight on Friday of the first week of Maranatha Missions.  I start with this so that you will forgive any typos that may follow.  To look at us, you would see our team is tired, haggard, and some of the guys have let their facial hair grow far too long.  We have been working 18 hours days for the most part, with little down town. 

But most importantly, we are being continually nourished by the strength and spirit of Jesus Christ. Indeed, even though we are outwardly wasting away, we are being renewed inwardly day by day.  To encourage the church as a larger entity, we asked some of our missionaries to share a brief testimony about their experience so far. 

Julia Peterman has been around Maranatha for many years and has been a vital part of many trips:

“Out of distress into jubilant psalm, Jesus I come to Thee.” This week I have been faced with my biggest weaknesses. I have found myself in positions where my patience has run out or my love has been drained, my ability to function limited.  On Thursday, I was completely depleted of energy, and right in my moment of greatest weakness, God stepped in.  He provided me encouragement and joy through the songs the kids on the bus sang with me. The words of the Bible, put to music, showed me that God shines brighter in my weakness.

Sophara Chhay is new to our team and this is his first time helping with Spruce Hill Camp.

Being on the Maranatha team was like living with God in Heaven. There were nice people treating me like a brother. I was treated well and they have been helping me grow in leadership skill.  Doing my service here I got the chance to meet with many little children who wish to learn more about God.  One camper from the group “Spirit” named Kevin asked me, “How do you connect with God?”  Kevin was willing to learn to accept Christ in his early age.  I found this as amazing news from serving Jesus.  This team’s mission is to win kid’s hearts for Jesus.  I’m glad I’m able to take a step closer to fulfill my mission here in one week. I hope Kevin will accept Jesus.  The Maranatha team has shown me a new light.  The reason I am here on this missions trip is because it’s part of God’s plan.  Aaron Henry and Dora Phan introduced me to the program two years ago, and this first year of serving on the team has been great. I’m happy to be part of this mission.

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