The Many Faces of Pride

by Pat Canavan October 8, 2014 Scripture: Proverbs 30:11-14

Proverbs 30: 11-14

There are those who curse their fathers
and do not bless their mothers.
There are those who are clean in their own eyes
but are not washed of their filth.
There are those-how lofty are their eyes,
how high the eyelids lift!
There are those whose teeth are swords,
whose fangs are knives,
to devour the poor from off the earth,
the needy from among mankind.

We are presented here with four types of people, all of whom exhibit pride and arrogance. They despise their parents and really all in authority whom they regard as fools. They, of course, are wise in their own eyes and need instruction from no one. In the meantime, they regard themselves as clean, though they are the most defiled. From their lofty positions they look down upon everyone, whom they regard as lesser beings and fools. They have a low regard for others. They are just obstacles to be overcome and consumed, if need be.

Their problem is not one of education butof the heart. We cannot change another person’s heart, but we can pray for them and point them in the right direction. We should pray they recognize their poverty of spirit, repent of their sin, and be humbled to wash their filth by the blood of Christ. We should also praise God that we have been delivered from the state of being “one of those” and that we are, instead, elect and chosen of God.