More Blessed to Receive

Series: Proverbs

by Carroll Wynne April 22, 2014 Scripture: Proverbs 25:12

Proverbs 25:12

Like a gold ring or an ornament of gold
is a wise reprove to a listening ear.

While enjoying this proverb and its obvious theme of the preciousness and value of a wise reproof, memories have flooded back of moments when my life has been enriched by the wisdom our Lord has provided for me through others. It is one of the reasons I value my fellowship with older saints and elders in many churches throughout the years. Their knowledge of God’s Word (with some hard-won experiential wisdom) have shaped my ministry and life. And this always draws me into praise of our loving Lord who reminds me of his pastoral care.  One of my favorite commentators remarks, "…the recipient is the one adorned (12), for reproof is one of the few things more blessed to receive than to give" (Derek Kidner, p. 151).

I hope this has been true for you as well.  So enjoy this day and remember the blessings our Lord has provided for your enrichment of life with him through the wise reproof of others— in this case, it really is more blessed to receive!