Lying Hatred

Series: Proverbs

by D. Marion Clark August 30, 2012 Scripture: Proverbs 10:18

Proverbs 10:18

The one who conceals hatred has lying lips,
And whoever utters slander is a fool.

The hater conceals his hatred through false flattery and false kind words. He will slander the very person he flatters. Hatred cannot be concealed completely. It will reveal itself in subtle ways, if we are alert.

We should be wary of the person who speaks well of another, but then will whisper to us a denigrating remark. The slanderer acts as though he is taking us into his confidence, when his real intent is to harm the reputation of the other person. He is trying to make us a vessel to carry on the slander.

We should also be wary of the person who only speaks flattery to us, especially when he speaks ill of others, and especially when you have heard him flatter the person he speaks ill of. Be attentive. Dont let flattery go to your head, keeping you from observing the subtle signs of a hating, deceiving spirit.

We do not need to be suspicious of everyone who speaks in a flattering manner. But if we have already a proper humble regard for ourselves, we will not let flattery cloud our thinking and power of observation. Again, hatred can be observed if we keep our heads about us. Lying lips cannot hide hatred fully if we do not allow them to divert our focus on honoring Christ.