Proverbs 17:19

Whoever loves transgression loves strife;
he who makes his door high seeks destruction.

Consider the transgression of the Ten Commandments in reverse order. One who covets will experience strife with his neighbor through competition and resentment. One who lies presents opportunity for strife by deceit and breaking trust.
One who steal causes strife with the victim. One who commits adultery stirs up strife with the fellow adulterer(ess), the spouse, the family, and others. One who murders is enacting the ultimate strife with ones neighbor. One who dishonors his parents brings strife into the family. One who takes the Lords name in vain, brings strife for public religion. One who worships created images, creates strife directly with the Creator. One who puts other gods, including himself, before the Lord God is filled with strife within himself and with God. Transgression and strife go hand in hand. How different from the love of friendship and kinship (17:17).

The lover of transgression is essentially arrogant, believing he is above the law and setting himself above his neighbors. This is what makes his door high means. He exalts himself. He believes he is invincible, secure. But his very insolence will lead to his destruction. His transgressions will catch up with him, usually in his own lifetime; always in his death. Destruction is his destiny.

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