Proverbs 17:15

He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous
are both alike an abomination to the L

God is not a moral relativist. There are the wicked who do bad, who break his moral law; and there are the righteous who do good, who follow his moral law. To flip them around to justify the wicked and condemn the righteous is an abomination to him.

We see that in our society. Abortionists are good; to oppose abortion is wicked. Sex of any variety is good; to proscribe that sex is reserved for a married couple of man and woman is wicked. To ignore or reject outright the God of the Bible is good; to take his Word seriously is wicked. It is one thing to wink and commit sin; it is another to uphold the sin as good and condemn righteous behavior.

But that is the way that a society that rejects God will go. There is no divine law to inform and restrain. All that is left is to do what seems right in one’s own eyes, and the only measure is inner feeling. This will always lead off the righteous path laid forth by Scripture. For as Scripture explains, the heart itself is sick with sin. What can it do but lead us into sin? And how can we live in sin and remain happy? By calling what is sin good, and what is good sin. Now we are able to live in peace.

However much peace we may feel, God is not at peace with us. Rest assure that the righteous whom he regards as righteous will be justified, and the wicked whom he regards as wicked will be condemned. He will not tolerate abomination.

But how do we get out of our mess? For if we are honest, we still give in to what is wicked. Turn to the Judge and find that he is also the Merciful Redeemer. He does not desire the condemnation of the wicked, but rather that the wicked will turn from their evil ways. Dont justify your wickedness. Turn to God to save you, to change you.

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