Proverbs 12:25

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down,
but a good word makes him glad.

We can say, “Amen,” to both of these statements for their verity. Anxiety weighs a person down. He feels drained; he lacks enthusiasm. He has difficulty sleeping; his attention span is short. He can even physically look weighed down as though carrying a burden on his back, which is truly what he is doing. Anxiety is a burden; not only a burden, but one that is carried alone. It isolates the burden-bearer; he feels alone. Anxiety blinds the burden-bearer; he not only fails to see a solution, but fails to see the help that others can and want to give.

All the more, then, is the blessing of the good word that comes to him like a ray of sunshine breaking through a dark sky, cheering him. It is the fresh water dashed on his pale face, refreshing him. And all it takes is a good word. It doesn’t take skilled counseling; it doesn’t require complex involvement. All it takes is a pleasant word from a kind voice.

A word has amazing power, for even a stranger can change the complexion of an anxious person with a simple pleasant, courteous remark. Today, you can make glad someone who is bearing anxiety. By your cheerful word, your kind tone of voice, by your smile – you can bring blessing. And blessing is what everyone needs. Be quick to bless; be quick to show the love and the mercy of Christ Jesus to your neighbor. For you do not know what anxiety lies in his or her heart; you do not know the power that your good word can have.

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