Sunday Highlight (Part 2): Tenth Business Network & Graduate Students’ Lunch

by Terri Taylor December 13, 2013

Tenth Business Network

Without a good strategy, you lose. So, what’s your strategy? Do you know how to create good strategy? 

Borrowing from the words of Richard Rumelt, one of the worlds most influential thinkers on strategy and management, “developing and implementing strategy is the central task of a leader, whether a CEO at a Fortune 100 company, an entrepreneur, a church pastor, the head of a school or a government official.”  He’s right. There’s plenty of evidence that leaders with good strategy win. Those with bad strategy either fail or languish in mediocrity. The problem is that many leaders have misconceptions about what defines good versus bad strategy or, even worse, simply don’t know what strategy is or how to design and execute strategy.

Want to learn a little more about strategy? Then join Tenth Business Network on December 15 at 9 AM in the 1716 Building room 2 Rear for discussion, a presentation, and prayer.

Graduate Students’ Lunch

This Sunday, December 15, graduate students and faculty will be getting together after the 11 AM service for chili, cornbread, and discussion!  

Steve Taylor, professor of New Testament at Biblical Seminary, and Sharon Bain, professor of Russian language at Bryn Mawr, will be leading a discussion on how their field has influenced and challenged their reading of scripture and their devotional lives. Think about this for yourself. Are you studying to be a scientist? Doctor? Historian? Has this influenced what you pay attention to in scripture? Does your devotional life look different because of your profession? 

Where: Fellowship Hall

When: 1—2 PM, post-lunch discussion until 2:30 PM

We hope to see you Sunday, and tell your grad student friends.

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