A Remnant Will Return  Isaiah 10:5-34

Last Sunday (3/16) morning Liam Goligher preached on Isaiah 10:5-34, continuing his sermon series "The Gospel According to Isaiah."

In his sermon "A Remnant Will Return" Liam reminds us that Isaiah 10 lies in a section of the book that follows the trajectory of the divine promises of the Messiah. God rules the nations in the interests of his Church. In these verses we learn the full theological answer to the question, "How do these brute forces serve the purpose of God in establishing his rule over Zion in the kingdom of the Messiah?" Liam focuses on three parts of the answer:

  • The sovereignty of God's purposes
  • The futility of human pride
  • The indestructability of God's Church

You can view the full service, including Tenth Women's Chorus' Prelude and Offertory pieces, on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

The Savior of the World  John 4:27-45

Liam's evening sermon, "The Savior of the World," continues his sermon series "That You May Believe…" and focuses on John 4:27-45.

Liam points out that Jesus is at the heart of the narrative of this section of John's Gospel. Our Lord is an example of how women ought to be treated. He treats her with dignity, but his disciples don't seem to get that point. Our Lord has been introducing this woman of Samaria to profound theology—what he speaks with her about is loftier than anything he has ever said to his disciples or to any Jews so far in his introduction of himself. The typical Christian outreach attitude that the outsider needs something basic and simplistic—Jesus clearly didn't subscribe to this point of view.

The woman responds, surprisingly, by acknowledging that the Messiah is coming—she's not a Jew, so she's not thinking of the Messiah as a Jew would. She expected a Messiah equivalent who was a prophet like Moses, a prophet who would teach the law. Jesus fit that profile. He takes what she says, accepts what she says as true, and spells out the whole truth in a very clear way. He could not have been more direct here. He acknowledges himself as Messiah, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Lord of hosts, creator of Israel. He is "I am." Jesus reveals himself not only to a woman and a stranger, but to a religious outsider. Jesus is the Messiah and the Messiah is Jesus. 

You will also hear Liam address the problematic responses of the disciples to Jesus' conversation with the Samaratin woman.

You can watch the complete service, including the Lord's Supper, on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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