Last Sunday’s Sermons: Meeting God & The All-Encompassing Gift

by Sarah Boghosian January 16, 2014

Meeting God: Isaiah 6:1-13

This past Sunday morning (1/12) Liam Goligher continued his Isaiah sermon series "The Gospel According to Isaiah" with "Meeting God" (Isaiah 6:1-13). In his sermon Liam focused on the famous words from verse 3 of this passage: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!” He specifically focused on these four aspects of God's holiness found in this chapter:

  • Holiness has to do with everything that sets God above us and makes him awesome to us.
  • Holiness has to do with everything that sets God apart from us and makes him different from us.
  • Holiness has to do with everything that sets God against us and makes him terrible to us.
  • Holiness has to do with everything that sets God after us and shows him gracious to us.

If you'd like to watch the whole service, including the commissioning of this year's deaconesses, you'll find it on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

The All-Encompassing Gift: Ephesians 1:9-10

Sunday night, Marion clark concluded his Advent sermon series with "The All-Encompassing Gift." "We come to the conclusion of a four-part series on 'Our Gifts in Christ.' We began with the gift of Christ himself, how everything we receive from God the Father is received through Christ. We looked at the gift of being specially chosen by God to receive these gifts. And then we considered the specific gift of salvation as described through adoption, redemption, and forgiveness. In conclusion, verses 9-10 present how far reaching the gifts in Christ are, or how all-encompassing the gift of Christ really is."

You can watch the full evening service on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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