What famous music group consisted of four guys in South Philly?
a. Boyz II Men
b. The Temptations
c. The O’Jays
d. The Four Tops

How many mid-week small groups are in Parish 1?
a. What are small groups??
b. 5-10

How many outdoor murals does Philadelphia, known as the “Mural Capitol of the U.S.,” have?
a. 0-500
b. 500-1,000
c. 1,000-2,000
d. Over 2,000

If these questions look familiar to you then you probably filled out a trivia questionnaire at our Parish 1 Fall Picnic Potluck (for the curious, answers are below). At the picnic, parishioners of all ages came, met, and mingled with their neighbors. We decorated our own mini pumpkins; got our faces painted; played corn hole toss; and enjoyed everything from hot apple cider to baked beans and pumpkin pie crisp.


What did we learn? A friendly neighborhood trivia competition showed that Fairmount knew their parish best (Center City came in with a close second). A large group icebreaker showed that, for all the fuss about Philadelphia cheesesteaks, most of us actually don’t bother to get one (clearly it’s a tourist thing). And who knew that, while many of us were born in the region, a good number hailed from the West, South, and Midwest, with a few birthplaces as far as England, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Building Community

More importantly, we made new friends and reconnected with old ones. One attendee met a couple, new to Tenth, who lives only a block away! Another reconnected with a Tenth member whom she didn’t know was in the same neighborhood and shared the same profession. We held each other’s babies, shared each other’s food, and got to know each other better. These are the opportunities we as a parish seek to provide, and part of a larger vision of what kind of community we seek to become.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

So what’s next, parishioners? We’re working on more opportunities where we can get to know each other and, ultimately, love each other better. Setting up conversational and progressive dinners is one idea we’d like to explore. Hosting parishioners without family nearby over the holidays is another. If you’re interested in helping or have ideas of your own, email us.

Largely, however, the answer is up to you. Will you continue to take steps to get to know your Tenth neighbor better? Invite a new friend you met to your home for dinner or dessert (hospitality). Ask how you can pray for someone in your small group during the week (bear one another’s burdens). Send a thoughtful note or drop  off a meal to someone who’s about to take an exam, recovering from a medical procedure, or just had a baby. We have at least one parishioner in each of those categories right now—ask your deacons and elders how to help!

“By this all people will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). Let’s exemplify Christ’s love in us by our actively, joyfully, and sacrificially loving one another in our local community . . . whether or not you got all the answers to the trivia questions correct.

Answers: a; c; d.

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