Are You Ready?

That question can be asked in any number of contexts. Going out on a date, going on vacation, getting ready for school. We seem always to be getting ready for something. One particular place that question is asked on a weekly basis is Sunday mornings. The challenge to get everyone ready at the same time to arrive at church on time seems to be never-ending. This doesn’t have to be limited to families—roommates, friends, young couples—we’re all challenged.

Are you ready?

This month I want to focus on what it means to get ready for worship. It’s that routine we take for granted, but do we really anticipate coming together to worship the living God? You might be thinking, “Try living in my house and getting ready for church!” It’s enough to even get out the front door let alone think about Jesus.

I would suggest to you the time to get ready is not Sunday morning but perhaps sometime on Saturday. If we hurry into worship with virtually no forethought then the transition from the secular to the sacred is all the more difficult. It might be as simple as looking at the bulletin online and reading the passage for the sermon. You can also take a few minutes to pray for the Lord’s blessing on the service and that your own heart would be tender and ready.

Isaiah’s message that was quoted by John and fulfilled in Christ should be our weekly cry as we come together for corporate worship, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” (Is. 40:3) May God prepare us all, even this Sunday.

Tenth Highlight

More and more people are talking about prayer. This is a significant tool in the Lord’s hands that he uses to work among his people. Look in the bulletin and see the many opportunities and things to pray for. Consider getting more involved and even starting a prayer group as well.

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