Isaiah 15-19

Whew! Liam Goligher covered a lot of ground in last Sunday's morning sermon, "A Scattered Nest." Continuing his series "The Gospel According to Isaiah," Liam wove the significance of Palm Sunday into the passages he exposited this week.

Liam began by asking, what does it mean when Jesus says he is the Son of David and the King of Israel? What impact does such a statement have on the nations? This section of Isaiah picks up on a theme introduced earlier in the book of Isaiah. The Messiah is the king of the people of God; what about the nations? Here Isaiah reminds us that the people of God were surrounded by pagan nations, just as the people of God today exist alongside those who are not God's people. God's people are no longer a nation state, but rather, the church is a nation set on a hill to be a light to the nations.

Liam addresses God's relationship with the nations as seen in these chapters in the following ways:

  • God is the Lord of the nations.
  • God is the hope of the nations.
  • God has his people among the nations.

You can watch the full service, including Tenth Men's Choir's Prelude and Offertory, on our YouTube and Vimeo Channels.

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