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Onsi A. Kamel (MA, Princeton Theological Seminary) is editor-in-chief of the Davenant Press, the publishing arm of the Davenant Institute. His writing has appeared in First Things and Mere Orthodoxy, and he is co-editor of The Lord is One: Reclaiming Divine Simplicity. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Elaina, and daughter, Nora, and is a member of Tenth.

Jan 7

On Nature and Nature’s God

A Review of J.V. Fesko’s Reforming Apologetics

The twentieth century was unkind to classical Reformed theology. While theological conservatives often blame liberals for undermining traditional Protestant doctrines, the staunchest conservatives and the neo-Orthodox also revised several key doctrines. One such was the doctrine of natural revelation. In his otherwise thunderous “Nein!” to Emil Brunner’s defense of natural theology, Karl Barth granted that Brunner was right about the tradition: the Reformers and their successors believed that God revealed…