MyTenth Training

MyTenth, powered by TouchPoint software, is Tenth’s church database. More than just a directory and tool for people to give online, it’s a fantastic tool for the church leadership to measure engagement, and help catch people who may be “falling through the cracks.”

The quality of the information provided to leadership depends on the quality of the information put into the system, and keeping good data involves everyone.

See the sections below for training videos relevant to you. If you’re both a Small Group leader and Bible School teacher, many of your videos are the same, except where noted.

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Bible School Teachers

Small Group Leaders

Elders, Diaconate & Pastoral Staff

Deeper Training For Staff

Below are the full-length training sessions provided by TouchPoint’s trainers for our staff.  Recordings are available through Google Classroom. The Class code is luvnyhr.

# Name   Audience Prereqs Link
101 Basics & People   All Pastors
All Ministry Staff
All Admin Staff
102 Organizations, Involvements & People   All Pastors
All Ministry Staff
All Admin Staff
101 Link
103 Search Builder   All Pastors
All Ministry Staff
All Admin Staff
101 & 102 Link
201 Email & SMS   All Ministry Staff
All Admin Staff
101, 102 & 103 Link
202 Tasks & Contacts   All Pastors
All Ministry Staff
101 & 103 Link
301 Check-In, Attendance & People   Anyone coordinating events during COVID
Anyone who works with kids or small groups
101 & 102 Link
801 Contributions & People   Finance Staff 101 Link
802 Contribution Records   Finance Staff 101, 102 & 801 Link
803 Online Giving   Finance Staff 101, 102, 801, 802 & 201 Link
804 Managing Pledges   Finance Staff 101, 102, 801 & 802 Link
501 Online Registration   All Ministry Staff
All Admin Staff
101, 102, 103, 201 Link
502 Volunteer Calendar   Anyone who coordinates volunteers or kids’ programs 101, 102, 103, 201, 301, 501 Link
1006 Scanning Checks   Finance Staff 101, 801  

Other courses will be scheduled later in the summer, and as we start to need additional features in returning from COVID.