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Children’s Bible School

By / May 13

Sunday Evenings, 6:15 pm


Catechism Club

This program, for 4 and 5-year-olds, meets during the evening service throughout the school year and introduces children to the catechism. In three week segments, they view a catechism question and answer by first explaining the question and answer, then teaching a related verse on the subject and finally focusing on a Bible Story that illustrates the truth in the question and answer. There is also a time for refreshments and games.  Please contact Sarah Peterman for more information.


Tenth Children’s Music

This music training program is for children in grades 1-6 and starts at 6:10 each Sunday evening of the school year. Children learn the great hymns of the church, practice to sing in choral arrangements, and are trained in some instrumentation. These children are also given the opportunity to occasionally sing in the worship services too. Their Sunday evening program also includes time for refreshments and fellowship. Please contact Joseph Waggoner for more information.


Wide Open World (WOW)

This is a special summer program held during the evening service for children ages 4 up through 6th grade that is sponsored by our Global Outreach Commission. It helps to familiarize our children with what God is doing in the world and who he is using to accomplish his purposes. The children meet and ask questions of real global partners we support and they learn about different food, music and customs of different people groups. The program concludes each evening with a summer ice cream treat.  Please contact Karen Walton for more information.

Communicants’ Class

By / May 13

Class for children in grades 6-12 who are interested in church membership.

Children’s Bible School Christmas Program

By / May 13

All are welcome to see the talent of our students from 4 years of age through high school. Various departments will sing carols, and individual students will perform. Light refreshments will be served.

Bible School Christmas program

By / May 13

The Bible School Christmas program is Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM in Fellowship Hall. Children will perform instrumentals and vocals; light refreshments will be served. All are invited.

Rally Day!

By / May 13

Why did the chicken cross Spruce Street? To get to Tenth Bible School RALLY DAY!

Join children ages 3 through Grade 6 for this year's Bible School Rally Day. Children will graduate to their new classes, meet their new teachers, and enjoy a special program for lots of fun!

Bring the whole family!


Bible School Christmas Program

By / May 13


The Bible School Christmas program will be December 3, 4:30 pm, in Fellowship Hall. Children will perform instrumentals and vocals; light refreshments will be served. All are invited. 

Bible School Graduation

By / May 13


Encourage and rejoice with our younger Bible scholars at their Bible School graduation.

On Sunday, June 3, 9 AM, all kids, from age 3 through senior high, should come with their families to the Bible School graduation for recognitions and celebration of God’s provision for the past academic year.

Bible School Christmas Concert

By / May 13

Family and friends of Tenth Bible School are invited to a musical celebration with casual dinner fare.  

Children’s Bible School Graduation

By / May 13

CANCELLED: Chili Madness

By / May 13

This fellowship event for Bible School parents is a fun way to mix and mingle and raise money for Maranatha Missions. The evening rotates around the March Madness basketball competition except our 16 ‘college teams’ happen to be crockpots of chili. Each chili will be given a college name and placed in the correct ‘region’. After introductions and explanations, participants fan out to the four regions and taste the four chilis at their first region. Each person will choose his/her favorite chili in that region and place a token in the cup next to it. For example, if the 'Duke' chili was your favorite, place a token in the 'Duke' cup. Continue to move around the room to each of the four regions (or three if you prefer). The field will be narrowed to the 'final four' chilis where special judges will taste and select their favorite of the four. The winner will be announced, and will hold the coveted title of 2020 Tenth Chili Queen or King! This may or may not get the winner free and close parking on Sunday mornings! 

Childcare provided for children 12 and under.