Ocean City Beach Day (Día de playa en Ocean City)

By / Thursday, July 4 at 9am – 9pm

Mercy Conference: Journey to Christ

By /

Afternoon Childcare

By / Sundays at 2pm

Center City Virtual

By / Wednesdays at 6pm

We meet virtually.  All invited!

Springfield Virtual

By / Thursdays at 6:15pm

Online Bible Study with a once a month in-person meeting in a home in the Western suburbs.

IO ESL Bible Study (virtual)

By / Mondays at 7pm

This class is:

  • A group for exploring spiritual reality through learning the Bible.
  • A group for improving English skills by grammatical analysis and oral practice.
  • A group for knowing American culture through conversations and activities.
  • A group for friendship and fun in all seasons.