The Global Outreach Commission is happy to announce that our Global Outreach Conference is just around the corner. It will kick off with our Flag Parade at the morning services on Sunday, October 29 and will run through Sunday, November 5. This will be Tenth’s 85th missions conference, and we are excited to hear about what God is doing around the world through our global partners and others. 

Our main speaker will be Dr. Lloyd Kim, Coordinator of Mission to the World (MTW), the global missions’ arm of the PCA. He is a former PCA pastor and former missionary with MTW in the Philippines and Cambodia. He holds an MDiv from Westminster Seminary in California and a PhD in New Testament studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Lloyd and his wife, Eda, are the parents of Kaelyn, Christian, and Katy. We are excited to have Lloyd and Eda with us during the main conference weekend, Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5.

The conference theme this year will be “Reaching the Unreached.” Dr. Kim and his family served in unreached areas in Southeast Asia and will share their church-planting experiences and the utter importance of reaching the unreached. These places are called unreached because there are no or very few Christians, let alone churches. These places have the lowest percentage of Christians in the entire world. The most hardened unbeliever in the United States has full and free access to the gospel and to Christian people. However, the sincerest seeker of spiritual truth in an unreached region cannot get access to anything Christian unless Christian people from the outside leave their home country and live cross-culturally in his unreached country to proclaim Christ to the local people. 

Therefore, we must get on a plane and go! There is no other way than that for the unreached to meet a real, genuine Christian for the first time in their lives. There are around two to three billion people who live in these unreached areas, mostly in the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa.  Not surprisingly, these regions also have the poorest of the world’s poor and are the most hostile to the gospel message, resulting in some of the worst persecution against Christians in the world today.   Please join us from October 29 – November 5, not only to become aware of these realities, but to also be encouraged by God’s marvelous works despite these challenges. God will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail! Our imperative as the existing church is to participate in God’s mission as we pray for our missionaries and our brothers and sisters world-wide, as we give our resources to those in need, as we send and support our missionaries, and as we consider going to the unreached ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ to proclaim repentance and the forgiveness of sins in his name (Luke 24:47).

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