Women’s Prayer Meeting

By / los sábados a las 9am

Join other women in prayer.  A meeting link will be sent when you join the group. 

TCF Curtis

By / los viernes a las 4:30pm

South Jersey Women

By / los jueves a las 10am, hasta el December 31, 2024

Southwest Center City

By / los miércoles a las 6:30pm

All invited for dinner at 6:30 and Bible study at 7:30!  We will begin studying 1 Thessalonians on September 6, 2023.



Mullica Hill

By / los jueves a las 6pm

All invited for food at 6:00 and a time of prayer and devotions at 7:00.  We meet every second and fourth Thursday.




By / los miércoles a las 7pm

Studying Genesis on the Second and Fourth Wednesday evening of every month starting on 9/13.  We meet in in the Cannon's home in Overbrook Farms, Philadelphia

TCF Temple

By / los martes a las 6:30pm

Rittenhouse Moms

By / los lunes a las 9am

Community moms group


By / los jueves a las 7pm

All invited!  We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday.

Estudio Bíblico Español

By / los martes a las 6pm

Todos invitados estamos estudiando el libro de Marcos.