Looking for a Roommate in Manayunk


I am moving to Philadelphia in July to start a new job in Center City. I am looking to join a faithful church and feel that 10th Presbyterian is the kind of church I am looking for based on what I saw on the website. I would like to join and get involved in the church, and I also hope to find strong fellowship community in Philadelphia.

I am hoping to live with a Christian roommate, and I am looking into Manayunk Garden Apartments. The cost of a two bedroom unit that I am looking at is $1,150 ($575 per person). Photographs of the apartment are shown below.

I am an early riser, as I have to start my job at 7 am most days. I do not have any pets, and I do not smoke or drink. I would prefer no smokers, as well. Please respond to this post if interested in rooming. Have a Happy New Year.


Katherine Weimann
email: weimannk@lafayette.edu
phone: 4408362771