Female Christian Roommate/Affordable Housing Search (Fall 2024)

I don’t attend Tenth, but I am a member of Redemption City Church in Brewerytown. I’m looking to either renew my Port Richmond townhouse lease with another Christian roommate OR I would be interested in moving into an apartment (studio or shared space)

Info About My Current Home:
Rent: $1,300 for the whole house ($650/person+ shared utilities)
Lease: Begins Sep. 1, ends Aug 31 – I would need to let my landlord know end of May whether I’m staying or not.
My roommate recently got engaged! She plans to move August/September. We live in a two bedroom 1 office/small guest room townhouse. There’s 1 bathroom, and a washer + dryer in the basement. Large living room, and a back patio with a little garden! The roommate moving in would have use of the middle bedroom, guest/office room, and hall closet. Our Landlord lives about 15 minutes away and can be contacted by phone for repairs and needs as they come up. We are also on the same block as a library and a cute little park. Walking distance of two coffee shops in the neighborhood, and a local grocery store.

Apartment Search:
I’m also open to moving to a single or shared space apartment that falls under the $600-$900 rent range in neighborhoods close to transit, or in Brewerytown/Fairmount/East Falls neighborhoods. Ideally, anything within walking distance of Girard Ave./Broad Street Subway for my work commute.

Questions, or suggestions welcome!


Kelsey Wismer
email: kelsey.wismer@gmail.com
phone: 215-859-0762