Minister of Metro Outreach

The Minister of Metro Outreach supports the mission of the church by equipping and sending the members of Tenth Presbyterian Church out into the workplaces and parishes of Philadelphia for Word-based, Spirit-empowered gospel ministry.

The Minister of Metro Outreach is an ordained member of the pastoral staff responsible to help implement the church’s mission to reach Center City and evangelize Metro Philadelphia by overseeing the outreach efforts of the church. The Minister of Metro Outreach is guided by the senior minister.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Model a lifestyle of personal evangelism and train church members to engage in such a lifestyle.
  • Develop, direct, and implement all facets of adult outreach.
  • Initiate/create/facilitate new outreach and assimilation efforts.
  • Oversee outreach events and activities.
  • Direct the ministry for single and married young adults, including Tenth City Network.
  • Direct the work of the college ministry, specifically Tenth College Fellowship.
  • Direct the work of Maranatha.
  • Disciple the interns under his supervision.
  • Share in the common work of the pastoral staff by attending all pastoral staff meetings and staff retreats, as well as serving on the Pastor of the Day rotation.
  • Reside in the neighborhood of the church.
  • Serve and pastor, as an ordained minister of Tenth, Tenth’s congregation through leading worship, preaching, administering the sacraments, conducting weddings and funerals, attending session meetings, doing visitation, discipling members and regular attenders, and being available at the church for pastoral ministry. He is allowed to serve the PCA denomination and engage in outside ministry activity (e.g., publishing, speaking, serving on boards, etc.). These activities, however, are not to interfere with prior commitments to Tenth Church and should be approved by the senior associate minister.



  • A sinner saved by grace, mature in Christ with a vibrant and contagious faith.
  • A person of integrity, authenticity and transparency, marked by humility, possessing the heart of a servant, who ministers with the gospel of grace – as opposed to through political or legalistic means.
  • A Spirit-led believer, growing in personal sanctification, motivated to increase in spiritual fruitfulness and humbly desiring the blessed life outlined in Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.
  • A pastor with a heart full of compassion, empathy, wisdom, understanding, and Christ-like love.
  • A leader whose passionate zeal, Spirit-based energy, intellectual curiosity, vitality and enthusiasm is evident to all, and who is approachable and a good listener with an ability to win hearts as well as arguments.


  • Trinitarian, Christocentric, with an unwavering commitment to the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures as originally given in the Old and New Testaments as the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
  • Knowledgeable in Church history and Systematic Theology with astuteness and ability to engage the issues of the day, upholding the centrality of the Word in worship and the life of the church.
  • Reformed in theology according to the Westminster Standards (Confession of Faith and the Catechisms) and academically credentialed consistent with the theological standards required by the denomination.


  • Preaches clear, scripturally-based, expositional, well-reasoned sermons which are delivered with the proper authority and dignity, showing reverence for the Word of God.
  • Pastorally and wisely applies God’s truths within Tenth’s cross-cultural context: to singles and married; to traditional as well as blended family structures; to people of all financial and educational backgrounds.
  • Collaborates well with committees, commissions and boards, valuing people, affirming their diverse gifts, delegating appropriately and effectively.
  • Our church currently needs to hire someone with the following gifts from the Holy Spirit.
    • Leadership and Organization (Romans 12:8), (1 Cor. 12:28)
    • Service (Romans 12:7)
    • Teaching (Romans 12:7)

Home and Community

  • Someone who desires to become a citizen of Philadelphia maturing in cross-cultural awareness and, if married or with children, a dedicated husband, and father who is willing to lead and serve his family sacrificially.

Educational Requirements:

Master of Divinity


  • 5 years of experience
  • Demonstrated Leadership Skills
  • Demonstrated strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to manage operations to meet budget


Instructions to Apply

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