February 29 2024

February 29, 2024

Session Matters

This is a regular monthly report to the congregation on significant highlights from the Session meetings. I will attempt to glean those significant aspects that I feel may be of interest to the congregation and thus give you a “window” into the thoughts and actions of the elders.

The Session invited Dr. Jeff Jue to its meeting this month. Dr. Jue will support the work of the Session in a part-time advisory role. He is a teaching elder in the Philadelphia Presbytery. He and his family attended Tenth for over a decade. Dr. Jue will be helping the Session to navigate and respond to the numerous issues resulting from the recent pastoral leadership transitions. If you need to contact Jeff, please email him at jjue@tenth.org.

This month the Session is devoting one evening to discuss how the elders can shepherd and care for the congregation. Elders will meet to learn from Scripture how to care for others and then meet in smaller groups to discuss specific ways this teaching can be applied.

The Pulpit Supply Committee reported that in the 9 and 11am worship services preachers have been scheduled through June; the 6:30pm worship services have been scheduled through August with our teaching elders carrying the preaching responsibilities.

The committee is reviewing the role of an interim minister and how that may work at Tenth in the time without a senior minister. Please pray for this whole process.
Earlier, Ruling Elder Norman Carter led a committee that suggested practical ways to encourage prayer in our time of pastoral transition. Stay tuned and continue to pray in your family and groups for Tenth.

A committee of Session is reviewing how Pastor John’s position as Director of Global Outreach will be filled both in the short and long term.

The Session continues to review the GRACE report. A committee has been formed to review the report and make recommendations to the Session. The committee’s goal is to complete the review by the end of April.

Please continue to pray for elders ministering in pastoral care situations and for those serving on committees of the Session. Pray for the elders in all their deliberations and decision-making.

The Session is deeply grateful to the congregation for their support and faithful prayers over the last two months and covet your prayers in the months ahead. The elders would agree that the best five words they have heard over these months are, “I am praying for you.”

“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.” Psalm 19:8
Sincerely for the Session,
George K. McFarland
Clerk of Session

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